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The Palmer College of Chiropractic main campus is a unique blend of history and innovation. You’ll find that blend reflected throughout campus. Our most historic classroom, Philosophy Hall, features interactive digital technology. Our anatomy training combines classic cadaver study with cutting-edge 3D digital software. Plus, study spaces throughout campus position creative seating options admist historic artifacts from around the world. Why? Because even our past was forward-thinking.

The Founding College of chiropractic

Welcome to Palmer College of Chiropractic, where chiropractic began.

The Main Campus is a unique blend of history and innovation. You’ll find that blend reflected throughout campus, including the Palmer Family Residence, Heritage Court and the Clinic Gardens, where innovative outdoor seating offers a perfect view of historic artifacts from around the world.

R. Richard Bittner Athletic & Recreation Center.

Students enjoy staying fit in this newly renovated 46,000-square-foot fitness facility which includes an indoor track, high-tech cardio equipment, weight equipment, state-of-the-art group fitness areas, and indoor and outdoor functional-fitness areas.

Palmer Clinics

You’ll complete you clinical training at the Palmer Clinics, with access to a wide variety of innovative chiropractic products and equipment to help you provide effective patient-centered care, including our spacious Rehabilitation & Sports Performance Department.

Lectures & Technique Classrooms

Even in lecture there’s engagement and interaction at Palmer. Students use "clickers" to answer live surveys, take pop quizzes and provide real-time feedback to instructors. Palmer’s world-class technique training starts your first term and builds, skill upon skill, throughout your time on campus. You’ll learn and practice a wide variety of techniques from experienced faculty with real-world clinical experience.


Palmer combines cutting-edge technology with classic cadaver study for unmatched anatomy training. Plus, the same 3-D technology used in the lab is available for students to access on their mobile device, making anatomy training more accessible than ever.

David D. Palmer Health Sciences Library

The largest chiropractic college library in the world, the David D. Palmer Health Sciences Library brings chiropractic to life by providing extensive in-house and digital resources, as well as remarkable Special Collections & Archives.

Student Support Services

Only Palmer provides students with free business and financial training through Student Financial Planning and the Center for Business Development.

Business Development Modules

From student housing to academic tutoring, Palmer offers a full range of support services to help you succeed.

Study Spaces

When it’s time for a break, students hang out in the Skywalk where they study, socialize and enjoy the scenery. It’s one of the several spots on campus with comfortable seating, natural light and a great view.

Student Union