Pride in Patient-Centered Care

Florida Campus Student

"I’m very satisfied with my experience at Palmer," says Donald LeBlanc, Palmer Florida student. "The location is beautiful, the cost of living is great . . . and I get to graduate and say I’m a Palmer chiropractor. We just have a certain pride here, and its well-deserved pride."

My name is Donnie LeBlanc and I'm going to be a chiropractor. I chose to become a chiropractor because I knew I wanted patient-centered care, and I discovered it when my dad got hurt, and a chiropractor was the only person that could help him.

I would say that Palmer is definitely one of the best chiropractic colleges out there. I did my research on several other ones, and I am very satisfied with the education I got here.

The location is beautiful. The cost of living is great, and the whole feel of the campus is great. I went to a really big school for my undergrad, so switching to a small, tight-knit community of a school with the awesome professors that we have is definitely a good choice.

I get to graduate here and say that I'm a Palmer chiropractor. And I know so many awesome chiropractors that have come out of the school. We just have a certain pride about us and it's well-deserved pride to be a Palmer grad.