It’s within your power to succeed at Palmer College

Main Campus Graduate

Ricci Swiderek chose Palmer because she found everything she needed to succeed all in one place. From helpful faculty and staff to a supportive student body and impactful tutoring programs, Ricci used Palmer’s extensive student resources to her advantage to develop the academic and clinical skills that will launch her chiropractic career forward.

I'm Ricci Swiderek, and I'm going to be a chiropractor.


I chose chiropractic because a lot of chiropractors that I've seen are very happy in their career. They're very happy, healthy people that seemed like something that I would really enjoy doing. Palmer was just by far where I wanted to go. It's just a lot more supportive environment.


What I really like about Palmer is that I get to know everybody really well. We're all on the same boat. So we all help each other. The staff here has been amazing. They see me in the hall and they know my first name and say hi to me, they remember me. So, just like the fact that all the resources are in one place. Our staff, our library, the adjusting skills that we get here are very, very high level.


Curriculum here is very challenging, but it is completely within your power to be successful. There's tutoring that's literally free on campus for you to access.


Everything that you need to succeed is here. It's awesome.